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Ph.D., D.Litt, I.I.M.​

With over 26 years of experience in various fields such as Universities, Marketing, Sales, Admissions, Branding, Operations, Business Intelligence, HR Operations, and Management Education, our director brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Let’s take  closer look at his educational background and professional accomplishments.

He holds a Ph.D. in Management from Jasjithsingh University and has been awarded honorary Ph.D in Management from Keisie International University and an honorary D.Litt. from the University of California. In addition, he has completed a PGPM in Big Data & Business Analytics from IIM-K, a PGDM in Operations & Supply Chain Management, an MBA in Marketing, an MBA in Production Management, an M.B.A in Education Management, a P.G.D.M in Retail Management, a P.G.D.M in P.M. & I.R., an M.A. in P.M. & I.R., and a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. He also holds a Diploma in Digital Marketing from SHAW Academy in London.

Throughout his career, he has held several high-profile positions, including National Head of Marketing at Ethames Graduate School London, where he successfully launched the Indian BBA program and played a vital role in revitalizing the institution. He has also served as Country Head of Projects at Edify Education in Hyderabad, Director of Marketing at GITAM University, Marketing Head at ICFAI University and MAGNUS University, and currently works as the Director of Admissions & Marketing at CMR University in Bengaluru. Furthermore, he has held positions such as Director of Marketing at KL University Hyderabad campus, General Manager of Marketing at Vishwa Vishwani Business School in Hyderabad, Dean & Director of Marketing at Knowledge Management Research Organization in Mumbai, and Dean & Director of Marketing at Indian Retail Business School in New Delhi.

His expertise and reputation extend beyond his professional roles. He is a member of the National Human Rights Department Association (NHRD) Hyderabad Chapter and has been invited to participate in conferences organized by FAPCII, FICCI, NASSCOM, ASSOCHAM, TIE, HYSEA, T-HUB, and other national and international forums. His interviews have been published in the prestigious Silicon India International Journal Worldwide. Furthermore, he has received several notable awards and recognition, including the National Outstanding Academic Administrator (Marketing & Placements) Award at the 7th World Summit in Bengaluru 2017, the Best Academician of the Year Award by CSERD United Kingdom in Mumbai in March 2018, and the Global Teacher Award-2018 by AKS Foundation London.

In addition to his professional achievements, he serves as an advisor to NARESH Technologies USA/INDIA and NSV Group of Institutions in Karimnagar. He has been a Management Committee Member of the Hyderabad Management Association Hyderabad Chapter AIMA-Delhi and is a member of the Telangana Commerce Association and the National Human Resources Development, Hyderabad Chapter. He is also a board of studies member for Reddy Women’s Degree College and HITAM Engineering College in Hyderabad. Moreover, he holds the position of adjunct professor at Vishwa Vishwani Business School and SVG Degree College in Hyderabad and serves as an advisor to SVG Degree College, NSV Degree College, FSB Business School, and various other institutions.

His contributions to the academic community include publishing articles on various topics such as “CRM: An Overview in the Banking Industry,” “Virtual Banking: A Case Study of Indian Banks,” “Mobile Phone Buying Behavior of Consumers: A Comparative Study of Rural and Urban Consumers in Telangana State,” and “Consumer Behaviors Towards BSNL with Reference to Visakhapatnam City.” He has also co-authored a book titled “Basics of Marketing” and published articles on topics such as “Technology Education: Rethinking Design Thinking,” “Covid-19 Challenges and Opportunities for Online Education in India,” “Technology Education Pipeline Success Factors for Female Senior Secondary Students,” “Creative Curriculum for Primary Design and Technology (D&T): An Opportunity Lost or Seized,” and “Childhood Literature with Images of Technology for a Sustainable Way of Life” in various esteemed journals.

With his extensive experience, impressive credentials, and notable achievements, our director brings unparalleled expertise and knowledge to our institution.